waking up.

I woke up in recovery, with my parents by my side and there were tubes everywhere! I had lines coming from both arms, one in each wrist, and a main line coming from my neck. I had a catheter in, a tube down my nose into my stomach, and an oxygen mask on.  I must have looked terrifying! But I was still feeling the effects of the general anesthetic and fell in and out of sleep.  I woke up next in the high dependency unit.  I was hooked up to loads of different machines and drips and an oxygen tube, and on top of all of this, I had an 11 inch scar up my stomach, and my insides were now on my outsides! I was completely and utterly overwhelmed.  I think I pretty much just slept for the next few days, but then I started to become determined.  I was going to get better! 
I started to harass the staff, asking them to take out this tube and that tube! I must have been a right pest! The first thing to go was the oxygen, I took off the mask and said to the nurse “Look, I can breathe fine!” So she let me take the mask off.  Next I set to work on the catheter, I said I promised I’d inform them in plenty of time when I needed the toilet, so they could get me the commode, as I was hooked up to so many machines that I couldn’t really move.  So they agreed, and out came that tube.  Next was the tube down my nose.  It was EXTREMELY annoying, and hurt whenever I swallowed, I told the nurses this and this was then literally WHIPPED out my nose,  I felt it coming out all of the way from my stomach, it was disgusting, but so relieving to get it out! 
After these I just seemed to keep improving, I was moved back up to the surgical ward, and given more and more independence every day 🙂 More tubes came out, and soon I was walking around, It was like taking baby steps again, but when something like this happens to you, you find some sort of new MEGA patience, and you can tolerate a lot more than you thought! I was out in no time, well…10 days. 
But of course, nothing pans out that simply.  When I returned to the hospital to get my staples out, I found out my scar was infected, and after I had the staples removed, my scar got infected and popped right open.  I had to get  it packed with this sea weed stuff every day for almost a month.  After my scar healed I started to have stomach cramps again, and found out my bowel and become restricted, and I needed a bowel dilatation.  This was just a small operation, and I was out of hospital after another 8 day stay.  That was two weeks ago, and here we are today! I’m taking every thing day by day, and making baby steps back to being well again 🙂


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