Today’s update

Today has been both a good and a bad day. I didn’t have a very good start to the day, as I woke up having very bad stomach cramps again. I was tossing and turning and couldn’t get comfy at all! But after laying still for 10 minutes I decided to get up and was greeted by our gorgeous new puppy, Paddy! He immediately put me in a good mood and I forgot that I’d only gotten about 2 hours sleep. As soon as I stood up, Sally started working over time! With in 30 minutes my bag had filled up 3 times! When Sally works this much, I have to watch out I don’t get dehydrated. With having a stoma, you’re advised to drink 1 litre above the normal as the food and liquid doesn’t reach your large intestine, and you don’t absorb as much of the vitamins as you would if you had a normal working bowel. I also managed 12 lengths of the pool tonight which made me feel great! I’m going to venture into Dundee by myself tomorrow to meet my friends for lunch, which I’m oddly excited about! I’ve not really been completely by myself for almost 9 weeks! So driving on my own will be a lovely new challenge 🙂
Again, I’m just taking every day as it comes, I can wake up one morning and feel full of energy, and the next day I can barely open my eyes. It’s oddly wonderful feeling the different emotions every day. When I was so ill for the two years previous all my energy was spent keeping myself awake. I was eating as little as I could and working as much as I could, so my loved ones couldn’t see me not eating anything. I didn’t have the energy to feel anything other than pain. It consumed me. But now I have the energy to feel other things! I’ve felt anger, sadness and completely overwhelmed. But I’ve also felt like a new person. so, so happy and last but not least, I’ve felt hunger! Which has been wonderful 🙂 Everday is new, and I’m learning and loving every bit of it!


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