Today, a lovely thing happened: Mum took me through to Dundee for a shop, and when we were in tk maxx, I was stopped by a family friend. She told me that she was so proud of me after reading my blog, and she was almost crying! It was so touching to know that my story, and my writing can move someone to tears, and for someone to stop me in the shops was even more lovely! I have an appointment for my stoma referral next week, as I’m still having stomach cramps and I’m not sure if that’s normal! It’s 10 weeks today since my operation! It’s really odd to think that at 2.30 this morning, 10 weeks ago I was being wrapped up and pushed into an ambulance panicking, not knowing what was going to happen to me. It’s been a wild ten weeks, but I’ve found out so much about myself 🙂
Sally has also been a little rascal, today when I was trying on a pair of shoes, just as I lifted my leg up to pull the shoe off, she let out a little squeaky one! The woman beside me looked at me and went to her boyfriend in the next isle and said “that girl just farted!” it’s amazing to see how quick people are to judge, especially when you step out of disabled toilets! I often use the disabled toilets as they are more spacious and more often they have a unit or shelf that you can put your stoma products on if you need to. But the dirty looks you get when you walk out of them are incredible! Another lesson I’ve learnt through all of this is; don’t be too quick to judge. I have an illness that is pretty much invisible unless you’re lucky enough to have seen my in my knickers! 😉 which most people have, if they have my Facebook! Haha 🙂
I had an amazing time out yesterday, I drove in by myself, which was great on the way there, but I was having cramps on the way back! And cramping and trying to concentrate on a roundabout at rush hour is pretttttty difficult! My friends had bought me a little cupcake money bank, with money in it! Which was so lovely 🙂 we had lunch at the old bank bar, and then went to a gorgeous little cafe for a cup of peppermint tea 🙂 it was so nice to see my friends again, and even though Sally was farting away, they didn’t bat an eyelid, they asked loads of questions and made me feel totally normal 🙂 they were great! I’m still taking it day by day, I still get a bit frightened when my cramps get really bad, but my mum and dad are always there to give me a reassuring hug! And to take me into a&e if I feel it’s getting too bad. Everything is going good though, I’ll carry on updating for all those that are interested! Thank you again for reading! Lotsa love – SallyStoma.


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