Quick update.

For those of you who don’t have Facebook; I have a small update. On Friday night my stomach started getting quite sore. I was experiencing the same symptoms as before: distended stomach, very noisy stomach, I’d have no output for hours, and then loads of output very suddenly. I was having sore cramps and generally not feeling very well. It was as though something clicked in my mind though, it hadn’t gotten too bad, but I knew it was heading that way. So off we popped to a&e were I was admitted without the doctor even seeing me! I think they trust my judgement enough now that they don’t have to examine me! I had an abdominal xray and they nicked some of my blood and then off I popped to sleep. I go to hospital prepared now, so I had ear plugs and an eye cover with me. It’s funny as most of the nurses know me by name, so all the other patients were laughing and telling me that i must basically live there. Anyhow, I’m getting an MRI scan tomorrow and they’re planning to do my reversal next week rather than at the end of march as they think my muscle is suffocating my stoma again. I’m both nervous and excited. I’m nervous because it’s another big operation, but I’m excited because it’s the start of something new. I’ll have staples in my stomach again and I’ve had to stop my new job (which I’d only been at for a week!) but I’ll get there! it’s actually quite fun being at the hospital when everyone knows you, everyone is wishing the best for you as they’ve been there through everything and only want to see you get better. I shall keep you all updated and post when I can! wish me luck!


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