As I stare intently at the white space in front of me, I wonder if the words will ever come. I knew a post was imminent. It had been bubbling up inside of me for days, the words begging to burst from my lips, or rather, from my fingertips as I pad lightly on the screen. I stared and stared at that white space realising how beautiful it was. So pure, empty and untainted. Then it suddenly occurred to me; nothing would make sense without whitespace. As you read these words, you are forming sentences, understanding punctuation, creating complex sounds, comprehending vowels, nouns, adjectives and many more. Without the whitespace surrounding these beautifully crafted words; this would mean nothing. We need this empty, vast abyss to make sense of our language. It was when I applied this knowledge to my life that things started to make sense: life is curiously ironic. To enjoy silence, you must first defile your ears with deafening noise. To fully enjoy the company of your friends and family, you must first feel cripplingly alone, and to understand how short life is, you must almost have it taken from you. If we lived our life forgetting how precious it is, then it wouldn’t really be lived at all. My last post explained the hardship I was struggling with, I couldn’t understand why everything was happening the way it was, why was I still in so much pain? Physically and emotionally. But I now realise that without this pain, I wouldn’t appreciate life when I am pain free. I have become a master of patience in the last two years and I know I need to wait a little longer until the next chapter of my life begins. My reversal will be in the next few weeks, and although with this I face more pain, more pills, and more time in hospital, I understand that I need a few moments of pure frustration in order to bask in the calmness that will be waiting for me somewhere in the future. All of this is a wonderful albeit painful lesson and I’m determined to get an A+.


One thought on “Whitespace.

  1. Keep going – you have the strength within you to win through. It is so true that sometimes we have to face the worst of life, the worst of ourselves before we begin to be able to connect with and enjoy the best of life.
    Life isn’t a straight path. There may be other, different troubles over the years but you will have learned that you can face anything and come through. It may not be easy but you will make it.
    And always remember how much the friends & family around you are rooting for you. Each and everyone of them is sending love and positive energy to you to help you through.
    Keeping you in my prayers.

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