Let me ask you a question – What is your most admirable personality trait? Take a second, take a day, take as long as you wish, but do have a think about the answer to this question. Once you have the answer, cherish it. Own it and allow it to forever grow within you.  I was asked yesterday what I thought my most admirable trait was and I must admit, it had me stumped. However, today I believe I have come to an answer.  The past three years have taught me that I am intensly, incredibly, exceedingly, emphatically, neurotically patient.  I came to this conclusion whilst on the loo. Yes, I blog on the bog.  Do bare in mind that I probably spend a good three hours of my day in the bathroom, I spend almost all day thinking about my bowels and when I’m not thinking about them, I’m writing about them so that you lovely people have the joy of thinking about them for me! For those who haven’t read my previous blogs, I am three weeks post surgery after having my stoma reversed. I’m doing well, my scar is healing fantastically after a small infection, I’m still taking pain killers and I’m spending most of my time either in bed or on the toilet, but I’m okay with that. I’ve learned that everything will take time, healing takes time, both physically and emotionally. I’ve been ill for three years and some mornings I wake up expecting a pain-free, functioning bowel. Some days I wake and my mind is clouded with frustration, it seeps from my pores and sweetens my breath with its bitterly sour taste. But that feeling is always short-lived after I remind myself that (you guessed it) life is too short. I have a wonderful family, incredible friends and I’m lucky enough to have found the most caring, trusting, beautiful man on this planet. Life is good. Okay, I can’t eat certain things, I always need to know where the nearest toilet is and my future is plagued with hospital visits. But luckily for me I have an army of loyal followers who are right there beside me, every step of the way. Patiently awaiting my awakening patience. So…for anyone who may stumble across this blog, what is your most admirable personal trait? Let me know!


10 thoughts on “Patience.

  1. That’s a tough one…
    Empathetic. Whether for others, or lately, for myself lol!
    I guess that’s why I’m good at working with patients (healthcare worker).
    …I know what it’s like to be in their shoes!

    1. That’s a fantastic trait to have! I’ve met many healthcare workers who have been incredible and extremely empathetic, it’s a great quality to gave especially in that line of work! X

  2. Hey there, girl. I am full of admiration by your wisdom. I am looking forward to one day read your future book because someone beeing that wise and having the gift of expressing herself in between that vast space of whiteness has to write in order to brighten up our world. I have experienced exactly the same thing since I to suffered from à similar decease, UC. I had my time of stoma experiences and it makes me happy to find out that

    1. Hello Alex, thank you very much for your comment. I would love to write a book one day, its one of my goals in life! Where in the world are you from? I can’t believe people from all over the world are reading my blog! That’s incredible so thank you very much for reading. Do you have a stoma? How long have you had one for? They are life changing things, right?
      Thank you for reading and please keep in touch,

      – Roisin (Sally stoma) x

      1. Hey Roisin

        I wrote my comment on my i-phone while spending my inevitable time in the bog so that´s why it ended with the word “that” and then emptyness. The continuing to my comment was that it feels encouraging to find out that there is a wise girl out there that also has patience as a personality trait. That is probably the most admirable thing a person can “own”. Until I read your blog I have had ideas about erasing my scars from my stomach and now I am embarased about that. I will wear my scars with pride because it is just like you said, they are just like wrinkles on a face that has lived a life with pride.

        I do not have a stoma anymore so I function more or less like everybody else except for my inevitable time in the loo. I had it when I was young for one year and now 20 years later with a wife and two beautiful children I must say that it certainly did change my life in a positive way. If I ever would need to have one again I would not be afraid since I know what the alternatives are, pain and no life. The stigmatisation of the word stoma is not fair to all those people that have a stoma and whenever stoma is mentioned for exemple in films it´s always in connection to someone that is old and unable to take care of themselves and that is not fair to all the young people that have one.

        But then again, everybody has problems in one way or another and even though this is the less romantic complaint that exists the side effects like patience and empathy makes me not regreting anything. If I would have had the possibility to chose not having this complaint I do not think I would have chosen it away. I don´t think I would like the person i would have been without it.

        Like I said before, I´m a great fan of you, wise girl.

        Alex (born in Macedonia and living in Sweden since the age of 1).

        Take care, wise Roisin

      2. You are right when you say you should be proud of your scars, after all they are stories of what you’ve been through, almost a map of your life. You write very well in English, I am very sorry I don’t know your language. There is an awful stigma attached to having a stoma, but through my blog I hope to change that and let the world see that the incredible work of doctors and surgeons allows people to live pain free, which is the most important thing of all! I am so glad to hear of your happiness after all you’ve been through, you are 100% correct when you say it makes you the person you are today, it puts a light on life that you may not have had without the experience.
        I am deeply touched by your kind words, thank you very much for taking the time to comment, through our joint experiences it feels as though the stoma community is getting closer! Hopefully through word of mouth the stigma will be abolished!

        Ta hand, Min svenska van!

        – Roisin.

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