For you, my friend.

This blog is for the individuals that are sitting googling, reading, crying, screaming, not knowing what is going on. This blog is for the guys and girls hiding their stomach cramps, or worrying that people are judging them for losing weight, or gaining weight or not wanting to eat, or having doctors appointments every week or having to trial stupid amounts of dangerous drugs just for them not to bloody work. Or planning out the route to take to work every day so you know that you have a toilet within walking distance where ever you go, or saying no to yet another night out because you know it will be ruined by this stupid illness. This blog is for people that are sitting right now, looking for some kind of solace from the world that they have been hurled in to. This is for you. You aren’t alone and you will feel better, I promise. This pain; it will end. This never-ending cycle of worrying will become a memory. I promise. I promise that this isn’t for ever. There is a drug that will work. There is a surgery that will help. There is a solution to this shitty situation, I promise.

Each time you feel alone, or that you have to hide something. Remember that there are people you can reach out to. You are, and never will be alone in all of this. If its not me, its a friend, or a doctor, or a creative outlet. But you are not alone.


I promise.